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Is a device that has a mediation structure that puts professionals of the audiovisual sector in contact with emerging artists and young audiences attracted by the expressive possibilities of art and technology. Under the slogan "New Collaborative Trends" the project seeks to create community around transdisciplinary creation, to build social fabric understanding audiovisual creation as a laboratory of empowerment, reflection and debate, from an open and collaborative methodology.

Zinelab is also a laboratory that facilitates meetings between artists, new creators interested in audiovisual language and an audience invited to share ideas about the creative experience. In this sense, Zinelab proposes the transit through territories that think reality from other points of view. During the mediation processes, collective learning, research and exchange of views on aesthetic and social issues are promoted. 

The Zinelab project is created as an alternative with different approaches to think about artistic creation in a collective way under a project lab dynamic. The coexistence and horizontal exchange is one of the bases of the program that proposes to work around the democratization of culture.


Participation in Zinelab is aimed at any type of public interested in audiovisual creation and technology and who can take part in the programmed activities through an open call.


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