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Is a space for audiovisual creation and production and a laboratory for film and technology. The creation and production space is aimed at supporting audiovisual projects with children's and youth content conceived and developed by new creators. The film and technology laboratory is a project for training, experimentation and co-creation aimed at emerging artists and filmmakers.

AuzoLab's cultural and educational project supports young creators through activities with filmmakers, artists, producers, and other related groups to work collaboratively. We make all our resources available to the promoters of the selected projects so that they can be developed from the initial idea to the most advanced stages of production.  


AuzoLab integrates creation, training, exhibition and the Film and Technology Lab, which provide mutual feedback. A wide range of activities are organized for the development and promotion of audiovisual creation (artistic residencies, mentoring, work groups, seminars...), as well as activities to promote the appropriation of film language by the public, especially children and their families, as a tool for expression and communication.

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